Why Management Consulting?

Contrary to many people’s belief, there is no typical management consulting-profile. The important aspect is that you have the ability to look at the bigger picture in terms of advising the management in an organization. Students from UCPH offer a variety of specializations that offer different perspectives on problem solving and are therefore of significant interest for management consulting firms. If you have an interest for applying your skills into helping organizations improve their performance, Copenhagen Management Consulting Club can be your starting point. Whether you have a lot of previous knowledge of the industry, or you simply wish to learn more, CPH MCC can provide you with relevant knowledge to crack your way into the field.

Being a member of CPH MCC gives you a unique opportunity to get to know more about how your skills function as a valuable asset to give you a great career within management consulting. Through well-established partnerships with some of the most recognised consultant companies you will be offered free workshops and events, which gives you the chance to interact personally with experienced people within the field of management consulting.

Watch a KU student explain why she choose CPH MCC 




What you get with a career within management consulting is a steep learning curve and a varied daily working-life. All types of specializations and backgrounds are highly valued by management consulting firms and their unique perspectives are needed to bring innovative and effective solutions to the table. If you are hard working, dedicated and possess strong interpersonal skills, management consulting may be the right place for you to apply and develop your skills further. Our corporate partners are especially eager to network with intelligent UCPH-students as you are a resource that will provide them with new and diverse ways of thinking. We strongly encourage you to apply for membership at CPH MCC.