KPMG in Danmark

KPMG Denmark as we know it today was established in December 2013 under the temporary name KPMG 2014 P/S. Since then our business has grown both rapidly and significantly – by far exceeding our initial targets and passing extraordinary milestones.

KPMG now serves one fourth of Denmark’s largest companies as well as a large number of municipalities and organisations and we always strive at delivering top-level service to our clients.

“KPMG is on a journey characterised by our passion to deliver on our clients’ needs, challenge the status quo and accelerate our growth potential. We share an ambition to become a catalyst for change to our surroundings and to our people. I believe this is the foundation for our future success.”

Thomas Hofman-Bang CEO & Senior Partner

KPMG Advisory

KPMG’s Advisory services are based on core competencies. Our professionals aim at cutting through the complexity of today’s rapidly changing marketplace. Based on our insights into the Danish market, we leverage the knowledge and skills across the KPMG global network to develop practical recommendations designed to help you as an employee to work smarter, grow faster and compete stronger. Our business is truly cross-functional as we work on a Nordic approach which aims at fulfilling your ambitions to the greatest extent possible.

KPMG’s Management Consultants are a team of expert practitioners

We will not only advise the clients on what to do, but will become part of delivering the answer as well. We help our clients make better decisions, reduce costs, build a more effective organisation and develop appropriate technology strategies.

We start by understanding the organisation; their operation, competitive dynamics, culture, objectives and challenges. By seeing the world the way the client sees it, we can work on their agenda and will apply the client’s insights to the specific strategic and operational issues.

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