We are not accepting new members at the moment. Next intake will begin in Fall 2019.

If you fulfill the formal requirements presented below – you are already one step closer to your consulting career.

Formal requirements:

  • Completed a minimum of 1 year university education
  • Currently enrolled as a university student

If you can meet the formal requirements, we encourage you to apply by uploading:

  •  ½ page cover letter telling us why you wish to join the Management Consulting Club, and what your contribution to the club will be.
  • Your resume and your grade transcript.

Please save and upload your cover letter, resume, and grade transcript in one PDF document.


The application process consists of three rounds:


Round 1

After submitting your motivational letter, resume and grade transcript your application will be assessed on a combination of motivation, academic performance, relevant jobs and extracurricular activities. Your application will be handled confidentially by our Human Capital Officers.

Round 2

You will receive a logical test which will be used in the overall evaluation of your profile. You will afterwards receive feedback on your test.

Round 3

In this round you will receive a personality test. This will be followed by a professional feedback session to all applicants, regardless of whether they have met the entry requirements or not. In round 3, applicants will receive feedback on both their logic and personality test.



Applications are handled and assessed ONLY by the Human Capital department of CPH Management Consulting Club, who has been certified to run the application process by People Test System (PTS). This ensures you professional feedback and confidentiality.

Membership fee: All members who are accepted must pay a fee of 195 DKK.

Questions related to the application process and requirements are welcome at or read our Q & A section

We look forward to receiving your application.