As a member of Copenhagen Management Consulting Club (CPH MCC) you are invited to attend our exclusive events that are organized and held in collaboration with our management consulting partners. The events are usually held in the evening with snacks and beverages provided for attendees. The duration of each event is typically 2-3 hours, either at CBS or at the HQ of our partner.

Each semester we host 10-12 events in collaboration with our partners, where members will get a chance to interact with our partners while getting a unique insight into their operations. The structure of our events varies from one event to event, but typically these include company introductions, development of personal skills, preparation for job interviews in the management consulting industry, networking with like-minded peers and potential future employers, and gaining valuable insights into the industry and life as a consultant.

In addition to our exclusive events, CPH MCC hosts open events occasionally at CBS and DTU. These events are free to attend, and students interested in becoming members can gain an insight into the organization.