Why Management Consulting?

Students from DTU, regardless of their educational background, are exposed to a steep learning curve after commencing their studies. As an engineer from DTU, you will have acquired analytical problem solving and interpersonal skills. As a management consultant, you are given the opportunity to apply your expertise and skills in a more generalised context. Through a consultant’s larger perspective, you have an overview of the whole issue at hand in terms of advising management. This may involve anything from changing production strategies to implementing new ERP systems. As a management consultant you will begin to appreciate the analytical approach to formulating a problem and the systematic method of arriving at possible solutions that you will have gained through your studies, for example, whilst potentially tackling any problems present during your semester projects. This skillset, combined with the work ethic you have developed, are sought after by CPH Management Consulting Club’s partners such as Rambøll, Prokura and PwC.

Watch why Bjarke from DTU joined CPH MCC 



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