The best of the biggest

With a background from some of the largest international consulting firms such as McKinsey, Boston Consulting Group, Booz & Company and Accenture, we have taken a number of skills and ways of working with us which we are still championing.
For example, we follow structured and fact-based methods and we work diligently to create great results for our clients. Since our founding in 2008 we have also chosen to differentiate ourselves with two important parameters.


We are specialists
First and foremost, we are not generalists like the big consulting houses – we are specialists. Therefore, we can also attract the very best talent in the fields of procurement and supply chain. The consultants take pride in being part of a ‘house of specialists’ where you know everything about something – rather than something about everything. We have chosen this strategy because we believe that it provides the best results for our clients.
We are innovative
We also try to separate ourselves from the big consulting houses in another important area. Namely, by being proactive, inquisitive and innovative. We come with a heavy base of experience, but because of our size and young age we are not constrained by historical and bureaucratic restrictions.



Therefore, we can help address our clients’ most pressing challenges – with a combination of experience and innovation. This attracts the brightest consultants to the firm, who are motivated by being able to make a noticeable difference in an environment where you are allowed to take both the initiative and have management responsibility.

In other words: Our focus is our strength.

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