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This section tries to answer some of the most frequent questions potential members have. Should you however not find a satisfying answer to your questions here, you can use the contact function in the bottom of the page to get in touch with our Human Capital department.


A member of CPH MCC is an extraordinary student who possesses a combination of strong academic merits, a high drive and energy level, and who strives for a career within management consultancy. The member has been assessed to have a strong resume with relevant work experience and/or is among the top 20% of his/her class.

It gives you a chance to learn more and get an insight into the life of being a management consultant. It links the world of being a student with management consultancy. As a member you have a unique opportunity to attend more intimate events, to network with both other members and our different partners and also to get to know the people behind the industry. Since our events are smaller and only made for our members it creates an atmosphere where there is space and opportunity to ask questions and engage in the activities offered.
It is up to you to put yourself out there and get the full advantage of this membership.

CPH Management Consulting Club’s aim is to create a foundation that will facilitate learning and the development of students’ analytical skills and presentation skills, whilst familiarizing themselves with the consulting industry. This foundation is created through a number of cutting-edge events provided by CPH Management Consulting Club in collaboration with the industry’s top-tier consultancies. The members of the club represent a unique blend of driven students from 21 masters programmes and 8 bachelor programmes, who are unified by a shared interest in the industry and their desire to excel.

It is important for you as a member to have the relevant education in order to get the most out of your membership. We also have an obligation to our partners to maintain a certain level and standard at the events. In this way we create a platform where we can all communicate and discuss things equally. Another reason that we are so strict regarding the requirements is due to the fact that it is more a rule than an exception today to go through the same process when you apply for a job. Therefore, we encourage you to see this as an opportunity to prepare yourself for future application processes. Therefore, when you are done with your first year at Copenhagen Business School, University of Copenhagen, IT University of Copenhagen or Technical University of Denmark, you are more than welcome to apply for a membership.

Copenhagen Management Consulting Club is a student organization and, therefore, you are required to currently be a student to be a member.

We have around 8 to 10 events per year.

The application process consists of three rounds:

Round 1. After submitting your motivational letter, resume and grade transcript, your application will be assessed on a combination of motivation, academic performance, relevant job experience and extracurricular activities. Our Human Capital Officers will handle your application confidentially.

Round 2. You will receive a logic test, which you have to pass in order to move on to the next round. Those who do not pass the test will receive feedback on their test afterwards.

Round 3. In this round you will receive a personality test. This will be followed by a professional and relevant feedback session to all applicants, regardless of whether they have met the entry requirements or not. Round 3 consists of a face-to-face interview where applicants will receive feedback on both their logic and personality test.

The logic test consists of 80 different types of assignments, which the candidate has a limited time to solve. The purpose of the analysis is to see how the candidate solves different types of tasks to better understand the candidate’s strengths and weaknesses and see how these can be improved.

The personality test consists of 220 questions about human behaviour. It is used to identify the abilities and qualifications required for a specific job and also to provide a guide for future development plans. It will give you an opportunity to obtain an impartial, objective assessment of who you are and what jobs you are best suited for.

The interview will mainly be based on the feedback of both the logical and personality test. These will constitute the form of the conversation, which will also be used to gather an overall profile of the candidate, and focus on the driving force and future potential of the candidate. At the same time, this is a chance for the candidate to ask any questions he/she might have regarding, among other things, the membership of CPH MCC.

Yes, you are allowed to apply more than once.

The interview will normally be conducted in English. If the interviewer and the candidate both speak Danish the interview will be conducted in Danish.

Due to the fact that we are a 100% student run organization based on voluntary work from all our organizers, the fee contributes to the future development of CPH MCC. The onetime fee of 195 DKR will be used for events, website, marketing activities and so on.

All full-time students at CBS, ITU, DTU and KU can apply.

Unfortunately we currently do not accept members from outside of CBS, ITU, DTU and KU.

  We prioritize students with over a year left of their studies, however everyone meeting the formal requirements will be taken into consideration.

  Currently we do not accept exchange students. International students completing their full education at one of our partner universities are welcome to apply.