Why become an Organiser for CPH MCC?

Social aspects

Copenhagen Management Consulting Club consists of 29 talented and highly motivated students from CBS and ITU. Being a student organization we value and prioritize social life. It’s important to us that the students involved thrive whilst doing voluntary work, which is why we enjoy casual events with like-minded students from the organization.  



The transition from being a student to getting your first full time job can prove to be harsh, if you haven’t got the right experience. Therefore good and relevant references are valuable. They give potential employers an idea of what they can gain from hiring you. A look into your previous work speaks volumes about what kind of tasks you are capable of doing. Copenhagen Management Consulting Club is a way for you to obtain work experience that can prove to be valuable in your future.


Challenge yourself

We offer a learning environment where you can try the areas and increase your competencies within Event organization, Human Capital, Marketing, Communication, Funding etc. You set the limit and our young like minded Organizers can help you succeed and improve. Therefore we offer you the opportunity to challenge yourself. 



The old saying “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know” is still relevant. A good network is free and very valuable. Becoming an Organizer gives your network an upgrade. Copenhagen Management Consulting Club is full of committed individuals that you can work with and learn from. As an Organizer you also get access to events with our corporate partners and you will get exposure to the consulting industry. Copenhagen Management Consulting Club facilitates a network that helps you climb your own career ladder.


What does it take to become an Organizer?


A lot of the tasks our organizers handle is often based on social interaction with potential members, members and partners. Therefore we require that you are great at social interaction and well spoken. Furthermore we look for candidates with the drive to change and improve the organization, a lot is possible and we recognize ourselves as a rapidly growing entrepreneurial organization.

The specific skills we require from your organizers depends on the position they apply and this will be mentioned in the job application.