Copenhagen Business School offers a wide variety of programs, all with an integrated business perspective, which provides you as a CBS student with a great profile for a career in management consulting. Consulting companies are looking for people with a diverse background including, but not limited to, finance ,marketing, philosophy and human resources. Your business profile as a CBS student is based on practical knowledge and a hands on approach, which provides you with strong skills in problem solving and analytical thinking that are useful if you wish to pursue a consulting career.  You will be well suited to cope with  varying and challenging tasks in management consulting including building effective organizations, helping them innovate & grow, managing risk & regulation, reducing costs, and leveraging talent.


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Being a member of CPH MCC gives you a unique opportunity to get to know more about how your skills function as a valuable asset, and helps provide you with a fantastic career within management consulting.  Through well-established partnerships with some of the most recognized consultant companies, such as PWC, Rambøll and Implement, you will be offered free workshops and events, that give you the chance to interact personally with experienced people within the field of management consulting. If you have developed an interest in the consulting industry, Copenhagen Management Consulting Club can help you strengthen your specific profile in the best possible way.

What you gain from a career within management consulting is a steep learning curve and a varied daily working-life. All types of specializations and backgrounds are highly valued by management consulting firms and their unique perspectives are needed to bring innovative and effective solutions to the table. If you are hard working, dedicated and possess strong interpersonal skills, management consulting may be the right place for you to apply and develop your skills further. Our corporate partners are eager to get to know you and see what special values and perspectives you can bring to the table, so we strongly encourage you to apply for membership at CPH MCC.